Do You Know the 72 Hour Rule for Appealing an Official Scorer?

72 Hour RuleThe 72 hour rule can zip by very quickly.  Players waiting to long can to long can blow their one opportunity to appeal a decision rendered by an Official Scorer.

Luckily, there is a process.

Thus, memorize Rule 9.01 starting now.

What is the 72 Hour Rule?

Rule 9,01 outlines the 72 hour rule deadline for players to file an appeal.

Basically, a Club or Player has 72 hours from the time of the “call” to appeal a decision rendered by the Official Scorer assigned to a MLB or  MiLB game.  The reason for such request is obvious: to ask for a re-evaluation of a statistic.

The part most Players get wrong is failing to make a formal request in writing. Personally, I believe a Club and Player acting in tandem support the  best opportunity for a changed statistic.  If this isn’t possible, Players are encouraged to take control of their careers and the data feeding their careers while abiding by requirements presented by Rule 9.01.

Only One Reason to Wait 24 Hours

Sometimes, Players want to wait.

Generally, the only reason to wait (a maximum 24 hours) is because reason to wait 24 hours is because Official Scorers change their minds without being “prompted” by issuing a “changed report”.

Here is what Rule 9.01 tells us about reports and changed reports:

After each game, including forfeited and called games, the official scorer shall prepare a report, on a form prescribed by the Office of the Commissioner, with respect to Major League games, and the Minor League President, with respect to Minor League games, listing the date of the game, where it was played, the names of the competing clubs and the umpires, the full score of the game and all records of individual players compiled according to the system specified in this Rule 9. The official scorer shall forward this report to the Office of the Commissioner, with respect to Major League games, and the league office, with respect to Minor League games, as soon as practicable after the game ends.”

The rule continues by stating the official scorer can prepare or amend their report within 24 hours from the time the game ended.

The point I am trying to make is this:  the most important deadline is the 72 hour rule.  Because Rule 9.01 tells Players and Clubs to file a formal appeal within 72 hours, is is best to create a supported paper trail as quickly as possible.