All Star Game Wages and Salary

All Star Game

All Star Game

The All Star Game is a wonderful opportunity for a select group of players.  But, lets turn our attention to wages.

The new collective bargaining agreement states the winning Club (American or National) will be awarded $640,000, which shall be divided by the  32 player roster (20 fielders and 12 pitchers).

Right or wrong, the loosing Club does not share the $640,000.  That said, Players selected and Players who Play in the MLB All Star Game are granted some pretty outstanding ancillary gifts.

All Star Game Salary, Benefits and Gifts

Each Player selected (regardless whether they play or not) is awarded the following:

  • Six (6) tickets to the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby,
  • First-Class transportation for himself and two (2) guests,
  • First-Class hotel accommodations for himself and two guests (up to 2 rooms if necessary) for three (3) days,
  • Meal and Trip allowance for three (3) days,
  • $1,000 cash stipend,
  • A gift from the Player’s League, and
  • MLB merchandise.