Baseball Agent – What Does a Baseball Agent Do?

Baseball Agent

If you are a baseball player seeking a baseball agent, you should expect certain duties and expectations from the agent or agency representing and serving you.

Because Royal Sports Group, LLC owes duties and responsibilities to each baseball player retained as a Client, please consider the following outline of duties and responsibilities you should expect from Royal Sports Group, LLC.  Thus, if you have questions about this outline, please contact Royal Sports Group, LLC for more information.

Power of Attorney Duties for a Baseball Agent

The first and primary duty of a baseball agent is to serve you and act on your behalf.  By definition, an agent is person or entity able to act on another person’s behalf.  In other words, a baseball agent is able to act on your behalf because of their power of attorney.  This is a very common occurrence for lawyers representing clients in a legal proceeding.  However, this is not necessarily intuitive when baseball players begin the process of seeking a baseball agent.  Thus, a baseball agent owes you professional and fiduciary duties, and you should expect integrity, attention to detail, and direct one-on-one attention from your baseball agent.

Baseball Agent’s Understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Second, you should expect the baseball agent acting on your behalf to know the insides and outs of the Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to your union and ultimately governing your baseball career.  In other words, being a professional baseball player normally requires becoming a member of a union.  Because baseball agent Jasper Berg is an employment lawyer in Minnesota, rules and arbitration proceedings are a very common occurrence.   This is a benefit to you as a professional baseball player because a pro baseball player has contractual rights as a member of a union and its union contract.

A union contract is also called a Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”).  Knowing the rules under your Collective Bargaining Agreement is extremely important to your implied rights, expressed rights, and the rights negotiated into your contract.  Thus, your baseball agent has the duty to know the ins and outs of your union contract (“CBA”) and you should expect your baseball agent to advise you accordingly.

Baseball Agent’s Integrity, Attention to Detail, and Service before Self

Third, you should expect exceptional service and one-on-one attention, regardless of your status or where you are in your career.  In other words, your baseball career is going to mature.  Whether you are an undrafted baseball player pursuing your professional goals or an elite player with a calling for the Hall of Fame, you should expect the same level of service.  Because a baseball agent is able to act on your behalf, you should expect exceptional service and one-on-one attention.  This too is required in my profession as a lawyer, from my family, and even more significantly – from my faith.  Thus, a baseball agent as the duty to serve your best interest and you should expect exceptional service and one-on-one attention.

Where to find a Baseball Agent?

If you are trying to find a baseball agent to represent you and your career and your expectations align with the duties and responsibilities expressed above, please contact baseball agent Jasper Berg from Royal Sports Group, LLC.