Are Baseball Contracts Complicated?

Are Baseball Contracts ComplicatedA baseball contract is an agreement between two or more parities creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law.  In other words, a baseball contract is an employment agreement between a baseball player (the employee) and their respected team (the employer).

At a minimum, when an employer is a Major League Baseball Team, a baseball contract shall comply with the rules under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”).  The Collective Bargaining Agreement makes reference to a Uniform Player’s Contract (“UPC”).

Upon reviewing Schedule A, you will notice a baseball contract abiding by the minimum standard for a Uniform Player’s Contract can be divided into specific parts or elements.  It is the opinion of Royal Sports Group that the most important elements of a baseball contract should include a reference to the parties involved, an outline of payment owed to the baseball player, a specific reference to the length or time frame the baseball contract is applicable, and a list of “special covenants.”

Again, at a minimum, a baseball contract shall comply with the Uniform Player’s Contract found under Schedule A of the CBA.    This is important during the negotiation of a baseball contract because there are certain issues that shall be construed as a standard.  This includes issues related to pictures and public appearances, references to other sports, an assignment clause, and issues related to medical information, rules on salary reduction, and a termination clause.  Thus,  a baseball contract uses a Uniform Player’s Contract as a minimum starting point when offering a baseball contract to a player.

It is the opinion of Royal Sports Group that a baseball contract should be viewed as an employment agreement.  Like a career outside professional sports, a baseball player’s career can take many turns, both performance and non-performance related.  As a result, you owe it to yourself to enter into a baseball contract that supports you as your career changes and grows.  If you need help with this process or are weighing the pros and cons of a baseball contract, please consider contacting Royal Sports Group for help.