Baseball, Dirt Bikes and the Substantial Risk Clause

Baseball and Dirt Bikes

Baseball and Dirt Bikes

This week, everybody has been weighing in on baseball and dirt biking on an off day.  For one, I want you to enjoy your off day.

Although every  reasonable minded player knows never to put their career in jeopardy, MLB contracts are layered with traps to void salaries.

Thus, here is what I believe is important.

Dirt Bikes and MLB Contracts

As a standard contract clause, MLB contracts:

the Player agrees that he will not engage in professional boxing or wrestling; and that, except within the written consent of the Club, he will not engage in skiing, auto racing, motorcycle racing, sky diving, or in any game or exhibition of football, soccer, professional basketball, ice hockey or other sport involving a substantial risk of personal injury

As you can see, MLB Contracts do not discuss dirt biking.  But, the statement “or other sports” is an all encompassing clause and puts players at risk.

Even if you disagree, it is entirely way to easy to seek written consent.  Remember, the goal is to keep your salary, avoid paying silly fines, and reduce the risk of suspensions.  Oh yeah, an it helps you stay on the field and win a championship too.

Therefore, asking for forgiveness is not easier.   Explaining and defending an injury is hard.  Asking for written consent is easy.