Baseball Draft

baseball draftThe baseball draft is an important first step for high school and college baseball players seeking an opportunity in The Show.

Royal Sports Group represents baseball players seeking help upon being selected in the baseball draft.

Are you eligible for the Baseball Draft?

In order to be eligible for the baseball draft, you must satisfy a series of conditions.  The first condition of eligibility means you haven’t previously signed a contract to play baseball with a Major League or Minor League team.

Which Baseball Draft are you eligible for?

Assuming the above has never occurred, the next issue is determining which baseball draft you are going to be eligible for.  Generally, the rules governing amateur baseball players (high school and college players) living in the United States or Canada are the same.  The baseball draft held by MLB every June is also called the “first year players draft” or the “rule 4 draft“.  Please note, the baseball draft referenced herein is different and not the same as the international baseball draft, which is also held in June.

Like you might expect, the rule 4 baseball draft has many requirements and restrictions.  Thus, if you are seeking help or advisement on issues related to the rule 4 baseball draft, please contact Royal Sports Group for help.

Where must you live to be eligible for the Baseball Draft?

Second, a player wishing to be eligible for the rule 4 baseball draft must be living in the United States and Canada.  Please note, the requirement is “living” in the United States or Canada – not citizenship.  None the less, this is a required condition.

What about your high school and college eligibility after the Baseball Draft?

For a player to be eligible for the rule 4 baseball draft, the baseball player must be eligible to sign a contract under the provisions of their applicable High School, College, or Junior College Rules on the date of the Draft or within 45 days of the conclusion of the draft.

It is this element of the baseball draft that gets confusing.  It is impossible to lump all High School baseball programs and College baseball programs into one catchall phrase.  None the less and perhaps it goes without saying, upon signing a contract as a result of being drafted in the rule 4 baseball draft, you are no longer eligible to play and or participate in High School athletics or Collegian athletics.  Although there are exceptions to this general rule, they are indeed exceptions.

If selected in the Baseball Draft, who should you contact?

If you were selected in the draft, your next step is to contact baseball agent Jasper Berg for a confidential consultation.