Baseball Scouting Combine – Where is It and When?

Looking for a baseball scouting combine to show your stuff?  Unfortunately, Major League Baseball does not have a baseball scouting combine per se like that in the NFL.  However, there are plenty of quasi baseball scouting combines that take place across the country.

Baseball Scouting Combine

What is a baseball scouting combine?

A baseball scouting combine is any organized tryout with the purpose of showing your skills such that you get drafted by a team affiliated with Major League Baseball .  For all practical purposes, a baseball scouting combine is a tryout.

Some baseball scouting combines cost money, while others are free.  Also, some tryouts are managed with the intent of seeking a baseball scholarship while other tryouts have the exclusive purpose of getting drafted.

Baseball scouting combines that require you to pay a fee

There are plenty of organizations that collect a fee in exchange of showcasing your skills by posting your skills on-line.  Perfect Game USA has one of the most well respected processes.

The best baseball scouting combine

The very best baseball scouting combine is that sanctioned with Major League Baseball .  MLB seeks talented baseball players by offering free tryouts through their  Major League Scouting Bureau, which has an office in Ontario, California.

When do baseball tryouts occur?

It is the opinion of Royal Sports Group, LLC that your tryout began as soon as you decided to pursue professional baseball as your career.  In other words, every time you step on a field or practice in anticipation of a game – you are trying out.

However, of course there are various tryouts across the country.  Because this sports agency encourages tryouts with Major League Scouting Bureau, these camps generally take place in June and July.

Where does the baseball scouting combine take place?

For the baseball scouting combines in June and July of 2014, tryouts are taking place across the country, including:

  1.  Springfield, KY
  2.  Tuscaloosa, AL
  3.  Compton, CA
  4.  Purcell, OK
  5.  Reading, PA
  6.  Neosho, MO
  7. Tucson, AZ
  8.  Rockford, IL
  9.  Council Bluffs, IA
  10.  Hampton, VA

Should you attend a baseball scouting combine if you are going to college first?

Yes, yes, and yes!  Although it is not required, if you want your name to added to the “system” that gives players the best opportunity to get drafted, trying is highly recommended even if you are about to attend college.

What if you are already in college, can you still attend a baseball combine?

If you are a college baseball player, this is where the baseball scouting combine process changes.  If your skills have been highlighted, sometimes a team affiliated with Major League Baseball will invite you to an open tryout.  Generally, this occurs the closer the draft gets.

On the other hand, the best place to showcase your skills as a college baseball player is during the season and at higher profile summer leagues.

Is there a baseball scouting combine in Canada?

Yes, there are baseball scouting combines in Canada too.  In the past, the Major League Scouting Bureau has held tryouts in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.  At the time of this article, tryouts in Canada have yet to be released.  Thus, consider checking back soon for more information and or keeping a close watch on Major League Scouting Bureau.

Do you need an agent to attend a baseball scouting combine?

No, you do not need an agent to attend a baseball scouting combine.  However, beware beware and beware of any scout who presents you with a contract and asks you to sign it on the spot.  One should never sign anything, other than perhaps a liability waiver, without first having it reviewed by an attorney or baseball agent.