Call Up Worthy from MiLB to MLB

Call Up Worthy

Call Up Worthy

Being call up worthy is a game of mental strength and physical abilities.

In my experience, players are stuck on getting called up to the next level.  Meaning Players want to get promoted from High A to AA or AA to AAA.  Please, stop thinking like this.

Instead, start asking yourself if you are ready to jump straight into MLB.  So you are playing in Rookie ball right now?  Why can’t you be call up worthy while skipping two or three levels?

Being Call Up Worthy

Look, being call up worthy isn’t about your numbers.  They help, but that isn’t the whole story.  Instead, it is whether you are ready to help the MLB club become successful.

In other words, can you move runners over?  Can you hit your spots and entice a ground ball?  There have been plenty of players crush 20-40 bombs in a season who are not called up.  Look, I wish this wasn’t true too.

Again, hitting .350 isn’t the goal.  Racking up strikeouts or stolen bases is way to much focus on results.

Results are encouraging, but abilities attached to the following are better:

  • Repetition
  • Baseball IQ
  • Performance

Attention to Detail while being Call Up Worthy

If this were obvious, I wouldn’t need to reference it.  Every detail counts:  shoes, wearing your hat a certain way, picking up teammates and being engaged on every single play (even if you are not on the field).  Intuitive, yet an important reminder.

I wish you the very best this season.