3 Questions for Players worried about MLB CBA Ending on December 1

Major League Baseball CBA ending on December 1, 2016.  Are you ready?cba_ending

Being ready for a negative or positive outcome is the real #MLBHotStove.

Ultimately, every player is hopeful that a work stoppage is nearly impossible.  On the other hand, I believe every player should be preparing accordingly.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your current contract have a clause that allows you to acquire better wages or benefits upon a new agreement or new MLB collective bargaining agreement?
  • Have you mentally prepared yourself for a potential strike and how you will answer questions when asked by media members?
  • How will you help your younger teammates stay positive?

MLB CBA Ending: Your Contract

I am not necessarily fearful of your contract being voided.  Instead, I am more worried about being left out for wage advancement or the opportunity to acquire new or better contract rights.

I believe every player should have a contract clause that describes what will happen to their contract if or when a work stoppage occurs or upon the CBA expiring.

To date, every MLB collective bargaining agreement has eventually expired.  This is not a new thing.  Knowing this, prepare for your next opportunity to negotiate freely.

MLB CBA Ending:  Media Questions

You already know this, but let me remind you – players have fought and fought for the rights you have today.  As a result, standing strong is important.  The work stoppage in 1994 was one of the worst of all time.  If you do not remember, consider how you might feel if your job was replaced with a “replacement” player.  Enough said.

I encourage all players to refrain from comments about any potential work stoppage.  This means no tweets, videos or snapchats to the like.

If you are contacted by a member of the media about Baseball’s CBA expiring, silence is a strong strategy.

MLB CBA Ending:  Younger Players

If you are a younger player, I believe you need more advisement than most.  On the other hand, even our most experienced players have little to zero experience with a work stoppage.

None the less, I encourage constant positivity along with checking in with one another.  A work stoppage during the winter moths is easy.  The opposite is true come Spring when paychecks are put on the line.

For this reason, start building strong relationships with your teammates now.  If nothing else, talk about family and fun.  Very likely, it will pay off ten folds down the road.