College Baseball Players Preparing for the MLB Draft: Read This Memo

College baseball players who anticipate getting drafted in the upcoming MLB draft should consider reading this memorandum recently published by the NCAA.

As you will find, the memo does an outstanding job outlining very significant questions while helping Players maintain their eligibility.  Issues addressed include:

  • Are Players allowed to enter the MLB draft without loosing their eligibility?
  • What happens if drafted college players do not sign a contract?
  • Can college baseball players attend the MLB draft?
  • Can Players receive money from MLB Network to attend the draft?
  • What happens when players get called upon?
  • Can Players participate at a MLB tryout?
  • Can Players seek information from a lawyer or advisor?
  • Can a college baseball player have an advisor without loosing their eligibility?

Thus, Players and their families can reduce stress, problems, and risking eligibility by staying ahead of the curve.