Independent Baseball Tryouts

Independent Baseball TryoutsAre you frustrated with your search for Independent Baseball Tryouts?  Just because it might be the off-season – doesn’t mean you should’t start seeking a tryout with a team.

Independent baseball leagues offer fantastic opportunities to players looking to make a transition in their career.  However, doing so requires patience, patience, and more patience.

Consider an Individual Tryout first

If you are considering independent baseball, your first option should always be an individual tryout.  Whether a tryout includes a showcase of your skills at the team’s facility or you and the team rent a sports dome, you should always seek a tryout where you are the only player on the field.  If this isn’t possible, then perhaps you want to consider a mass tryout.

Are Mass Tryouts worth it?

Yes, performing in a mass tryout is worth it if you get signed.  In fact, many independent baseball tryouts claim at least one player will get offered a contract.  What they don’t tell you is the contract is likely only a spring training invite.

Because a spring training invitation is better than nothing, consider reviewing the team’s current roster before paying the registration fee, renting a hotel, renting a car, and jumping on an airplane to attend a mass tryout.

Where are Independent Baseball Tryouts Held?

Generally, a mass tryout is held at the team’s field.  Also, independent baseball tryouts tend to be held in late Spring.  As you might suspect, independent teams do not have the same financial support as a Major League baseball team.  For this reason, tryouts are held shortly before the season begins.

Sometimes, a player can seek an individual tryout by showcasing their skills during the winter months and inside sports dome.   Royal Sports Group helped players seek individual tryouts inside high school gyms, workout facilities, parking lots, and outdoor recreational areas.

Is it to late to contact independent baseball teams and inquire about an opportunity?

It is never to late to inquire about a mass tryout or an individual tryout for an independent baseball team.  That said, independent teams get phone calls and e-mails from hundreds of players.  For this reason, you owe it to yourself to have an agent such that you come across as legitimate prospect.

Do you have to Pay to Tryout?

Yes, mass tryouts will require a small investment.  Sometimes, players come back from a tryout thinking the only reason a team held a tryout was to generate revenue.  That said, it is the experience of Royal Sports Group that an advantage of a tryout is to acquire specific stats or standards most teams acquire about, like timed speed tests, having your arm strength tested, or having a person measure your attributes (weight, height, inseam, etc.).

What to do about your first or one hundredth tryout?

If you are serious about attending an independent baseball tryout, prepare yourself physically, mentally, and professionally.  Your physical and mental preparation is something you have done in the past.

That said, prepare yourself professionally by contacting a baseball agent for help.  Otherwise, you are trying out with blind faith that the respected team will treat you fairly.