International Baseball Draft

International Baseball Draft

In the past, there was an International Baseball Draft for Major League Baseball.  The international baseball draft was exclusive to players not living in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

In other words, if you didn’t live in these three areas and met other rules of eligibility, you could be selected in the International Baseball Draft.

Why is the International Baseball Draft important?

Ultimately, an international baseball draft is important because it keeps the process for players looking to play professional baseball for a team associated with MLB.

As you might suspect, international baseball players have a significant influence on professional baseball.  In fact, international baseball players make up nearly 28% of all Major League rosters.  For this reason, baseball players residing outside the United States and Canada often inquire about an international draft.

As a result, the rules applicable to the international draft are important because they offer guidelines how to seek a professional baseball career.

What are the rules for the International Baseball Draft?

For better or worse, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”) controls the relationship between baseball players belonging to the union and teams affiliated with MLB .

Why do international baseball players need help with the International Baseball Draft?

In 2013, MLB ruled against an international baseball draft for the year 2014.  Royal Sports Group represents and advises international baseball players on issues related to their contract and issues concerning the international draft.  Thus, a baseball agent is more important than ever to assure fairness in wages and bonuses related to your agreement.

If there isn’t an International Baseball Draft, what should you do?

Although it might appear MLB’s failure engage an international baseball draft is a deterrent to your professional career, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, it is the opinion of this sports agency that an international baseball player has more rights than those seeking a contract through the Amateur Draft.  Because MLB indeed had an international baseball draft in the year 2013, international signing bonuses apply as governed by the CBA .  Because there doesn’t appear to be an international baseball draft for the year 2014, it appears those seeking a professional contract for the 2014 season will have more leverage than those residing in the United States.

Need Help with the International Baseball Draft?

If you are an international baseball player seeking a contract as a result of an international baseball draft or through other methods, please consider contacting Royal Sports Group for help, advisement, and or representation.