MiLB Demotions Require One Response

MiLB Demotions

MiLB Demotions

MiLB Demotions are coming.  The first demotion is the worst.  Generally, our egos have had the privilege of working towards this one moment.

I want you to be prepared.  Whether you are advising your teammate or require first-hand feedback, this is the response to the MiLB demotion process:

What can I do to improve?”

You are a professional baseball player.  Your dreams and goals are not over as a result of a demotion.  If you had a desk job, the idea of improving upon a skill is a normal thing (look up personal improvement plans).

At the highest level, players are expected to respond professionally to adversity.  You can do the same.

Unlike Lot’s wife, don’t look back.  Instead, keep working forward.