Minor League Free Agency: Remember August 1st

Minor League Free AgencyWhat is minor league free agency?  A baseball player who doesn’t have a “successor contract or doesn’t have a valid contract or the player’s contract expired is a minor league free agent in the sense that they can sign a contract with any baseball team they wish.

Sometimes, a baseball player doesn’t know whether they are a free agent or how to proceed with seeking an opportunity.  If this is you, please consider contacting Royal Sports Group, LLC for help.

When is a baseball player eligible for free agency?

Assuming the World Series was not completed before October 15 of the current year, a baseball player is eligible for free agency five days after the World Series has concluded.

For example, assume the World Series ended on October 20 and their contract expired.  A baseball player is eligible for minor league free agency on October 26:

World Series ended at 11 pm Eastern on October 20:

1 Day after World Series: October 21

2 Days after World Series: October 22

3 Days after World Series: October 23

4 Days after World Series: October 24

5 Days after World Series: October 25 and baseball player is eligible for free agency.

Therefore, in the example referenced above, the baseball player would be eligible for minor league free agency on October 25.

Does the baseball player have a successor contract?

A successor contract is a contract between a team and a baseball player that is in addition to the player’s first contract as a professional player.  Yes, whether a player has a successor contract is significant because player’s with a valid successor contract are not eligible for minor league free agency.

Generally, a player knows whether or not they signed a second contract in addition to their first contract.  If a player does not know whether they have a successor contract, it is critical a player seek confirmation.  Yes, a player’s agent can and should seek this clarification on player’s behalf.

On the other hand, the rules governing baseball players prevent a player from negotiating a successor contract until the Minor League Championship Season has concluded.

Minor League Free Agency

Minor League Free Agency

Why is August 1st important to the Minor League Free Agency Process important?

By August 1st, the Commissioner of baseball is required to prepare and circulate a list of all players (both Major and Minor League) who’s Minor League Uniform Player’s Contract has expired or is about to expire.

Therefore, every player seeking Minor League Free Agency should inquire BEFORE August 1st of the given year to inquire whether they will or are a free agent at the conclusion of the Minor League Championship Season.

What if the list for Minor League Free Agency is wrong?

Yes, human error can play a major role in whether the list for minor league free agency is 100% correct.  In addition, whether a baseball player can call themselves a free agent can largely depend on the interpretation of a player’s contract.  For this reason, there is a specific process when the list for minor league free agency is wrong.

A baseball player who believes they should have been added or subtracted from the list for minor league free agency can petition the Commissioner.  However, here is the bad part.  Any decision affirmed or denied by the Commissioner becomes final and may not be challenged in any federal or state court, administrative agency or other tribunal.

Minor League Free Agency – final thoughts…

Whether you are a former Major League player or a life long minor league player, baseball players have rights when seeking free agency.  Therefore, if you need help with minor league free agency, please contact Royal Sports Group, LLC for help.