MLB Budding Versus a Dying and Withering Career

MLB BuddingMLB budding is an old concept.  You are not alone and you do not need a buddy to help you succeed.

If you are new or trying to break into the MLBPA, here is the deal on buddies:  the union will assign you a quasi mentor or player that is more experienced as a resource.

In my experience, the buddies process works when you are assigned a mentor that plays or performs at different position than you.

Here is the real problem:  the system fails horribly when you view your talents as inferior to your buddy.  Luckily, you won’t let this happen.

MLB Buddies Gone Bad

The buddy system being described fails horribly when you view your talents as inferior to your buddy.

I wish this wasn’t the case, but the average age of your teammates is getting younger and younger.  Really, this is a difficult number to pin down because it requires excluding September call-ups.  However, there appears the average age of players is decreasing (getting younger) at an alarming rate.

If you are new to the union, the reason is simple:  younger players cost less money.  If you are a veteran, the reason is simple:  the length of your contract is your saving grace.

Another MLB Buddy System Gone Even Worse

MLB buddies is a process goes bad because rosters are changing over faster versus past seasons or decades.  In fact, if you are called up mid-way in through the season, you run the risk of being assigned a disgruntled teammate.

For this reason, I think the most important takeaway from the “new” MLBPA buddy system is to gain an immediate contact while preparing to take the league by storm at every given moment.

MLB Buddy System Works for You

The MLB buddies system is going to work for you because you are going to be positive about the whole experience while focusing on the same preparation process you have adopted over the past few seasons.

Your youth is your number one asset.  Play with reckless abandonment and no regard for human life.  You do not need a buddy to tell you when to wake up or when to start stretching.

Be early, stay late and watch the players performing at a high level.  This goes for players in the opposing dugout too.

Thus, be the best scout and role model on planet.