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MLB Player Agent

A MLB Player Agent advises and represents athletes with contract negotiations, salary and grievance arbitration, and helps with marketing endorsements.

Even more importantly, a MLB Player Agent helps a baseball player manage their rights by advising them on issues specific to their applicable collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”).

Why Make Royal Sports Group your MLB Player Agent?

As a full service sports agency, Royal Sports Group offers two things:  (i) Trust and (ii) Professional Advisement.  These attributes stem from faith, strong family values, a career in the military, and a career as a lawyer.

Additionally, sports Agent Jasper Berg uses three general principals when helping and advising baseball players:

  1. Do What Is Right
  2. Service over Self, and
  3. Show you Care.

Pro Players looking for a MLB Player Agent should consider this:

The first issue Royal Sports Group, LLC addresses when meeting with a pro baseball player looking for an agent is determining whether you have an agent and whether or not it is ethical to communicate with Royal Sports Group without your agent’s consent.  In other words, the contract you have with your current or past agent will determine the extent of services and issues Royal Sports Group can address with you.

The second issue Royal Sports Group, LLC addresses when meeting with a pro baseball player looking for an agent is reviewing your existing contract.  Your existing contract is ancillary to the CBA.  Although your rights under the CBA control the process and procedure related to specific issues like arbitration, grievances, differed compensation, and assignments just to name a few, your existing contract is of the utmost importance when talking about your future process.

The third issue Royal Sports Group addresses when meeting with a pro baseball player looking for an agent is determining whether you have a timing deadline.  For example, there are specific requirements when seeking salary arbitration or initiating the grievance procedure.  Regardless whether you are represented by an agent, timing deadlines are rarely waived when advocating on your own behalf.  For this reason, one of the many purposes of seeking an representation from an agent is to address and manage deadlines specific to your CBA and or existing contract.

The fourth issue Royal Sports Group, LLC addresses when meeting with a pro baseball player looking for an agent is presenting information such that you can make a decision whether or not Royal Sports Group is a good fit for you and your career moving forward.  Your relationship with a baseball agent begins with and ends with trust.  Royal Sports Group and agent Jasper Berg wants to earn your trust by: (1) doing what is right; (2) putting service over self; and (3) showing you care.

Finding a MLB Player Agent:

Although Royal Sports Group is located in Edina, Minnesota, it is very common for this sports agency to serve athletes residing and or playing in a location other than Minnesota.

While complying with rules governing baseball agents, Royal Sports Group is able to meet with perspective Clients one-on-one, by phone, video conferencing, and exchanges documents and information by e-mail, mail and fax.

What is Royal Sports Group?

Royal Sports Group, LLC is a full service sports agency, specializing in rendering representation as a baseball agent to professional baseball players.

This sports agency is owned and operated by lawyer  Jasper Berg.  In addition to the services rendered through Royal Sports Group, Jasper Berg practices employment law in Minnesota.

Primarily, Royal Sports Group serves baseball players and coaches.  On a case by case basis, this sports agency will consider representing athletes in sports other than Baseball.

How to Search for a MLB Player Agent:

When seeking help for your professional athletic career, use the same process you likely used when finding a doctor, a dentist, an accountant, or a lawyer.  In other words, ask yourself whether the professional you are seeking help from can advise you accordingly and whether they abide by the same professional responsibilities you sought from other professionals in the past.

Therefore, Because Royal Sports Group exceeds this standard, please contact this Sports Agency today and let us prove both (i) Trust and (ii) Professional Advisement.

How to Contact Royal Sports Group:

You can contact Royal Sports Group by e-mail, phone, or any way you find reasonable.  To send an e-mail, click HERE.