MLB Scouting Combine and Tryout Camps [Update]

MLB Scouting Combine

MLB Scouting Combine

Still looking for a MLB scouting combine to show off your stuff?  Since 2014, professional baseball Clubs and scouts have gone into hiding when discussing workouts.

Luckily, you are going to make an impact by running through walls until you find yourself in front of MLB scouts.

MLB Scouting Combine:  What is it?

The MLB scouting combine is a camp for players to show off their skills.  At these camps, players run, throw, hit and pitch.

The scouting camps are conducted by people who are affiliated with MLB and a group called the Major League Scouting Bureau or MLSB.

MLB Scouting Combine:  When is it?

Typically, MLB scouting camps occur on multiple dates beginning mid January and ending mid-July.

In the past, scouting camps were organized starting in June.

MLB Scouting Combine:  Where is it?

There are dozens of camps spread out across the United States and Canada.  Unfortunately, camps have moved around.  In my experience, they are conducted near the residence of local scouts.

Because MLB scouts reside nearly everywhere and away from MLB facilities and it would not surprise me if you had a camp near your house.

Using the Way-Back time machine, you can see firsthand where camps have been held:

  • Tryout camps in 2006,
  • Camps in 2011, an
  • MLB draft camps in 2013.

Thus, MLB tryout camps are consistently held anywhere and everywhere.

MLB Scouting Camp:  What Age?

I believe every young person playing baseball at the high school level should be attending a MLB scouting combine.  Do not confuse a scouting combine with a sponsored Pipeline event.

Generally, the MLB workout camps are for players aged 15-17.
Thus, if you are in this window…start moving.

MLB Scouting Camp:  How to Make it Happen?

If you want to make this happen, I think the best process is contacting the MLB Scouting Bureau by mail, phone and fax.  Next, contact them every month until they respond.  Here is their contact info:

Major League Scouting Bureau
3500 Porsche Way, Suite 100
Ontario, CA 91764
Fax: 909-980-7794
Phone: 909-980-1881

MLB Scouting Camp vs. Other Showcase Events

I come from humble beginnings.  In my opinion, MLB scouting camps are for players looking to get drafted.  Getting drafted the summer following your last high school season tends to affirm college scholarships.Baseball Scouting Combine

Unfortunately, this process can make families go broke because it creates pressure to attend showcase events hosted by other companies.

MLB scouting camps are generally free.  Other than the cost to travel to the event, there isn’t a cost to tryout.  Compare this to various showcase programs which promise the moon and cost thousands of dollars for admittance.

Yes, maybe there is an argument in favor of draft positioning when deciding on a showcase event.  On the other hand, if you can play, the Major League Scouting Bureau already knows it because you attended their events.

*** Tip:  You can Attend More than One Workout in any given Year ***

For players more interested in a college scholarship, telling schools you attended a MLSB event is a great starting point.

Additionaly, sending video and statical updates to colleges on a consistent basis is an important step too.

Thus, get after it.