Sleeping During your MLB Union Meeting in Spring Training

MLB union meetingSleeping during a MLB union meeting is a bad idea.  As you know, players with rights under the collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) have never been stronger.  I believe your union’s history supports your undivided attention.

Here is one way you can help your fellow players see why this is true:

  • Ask them politely to show respect to their union,
  • Kick their chair,
  • Offer them seeds, and
  • Tell them about the players before them who didn’t have these same rights.

Why is there a MLB Union Meeting?

The collective bargaining agreement grants one (1) meeting during Spring Training.  In case you were wondering, see Article XIV, paragraph c.

Where is the MLB Union meeting held?

Meetings during Spring Training and instituted by the Player’s Association are required to be held inside the clubhouse.  MLB clubhouse

How long is the MLB Union Meeting?

Believe it or not, the CBA limits the meeting to no less than 60 minutes and no longer than 90 minutes.

When is our meeting?

The CBA requires at least 10 days advance notice.  Mind you, the notice requirement means the Association is supposed to give a club 10 days of advance warning.

Hopefully, your Union Rep passes along the message such that you know when the meeting will take place.

Why a player should care about their MLB Union meeting?

Look, this is a fantastic opportunity to build a relationship with the one element of baseball fighting day and night for players and their rights.  Also, the annual MLB union meeting is an excellent opportunity to ask questions that likely will help your peers too.

Whether you are the highest paid player in the room or wondering about being assigned to the minors, every player should be ready to ask a question specific to them.  Here are a few examples:

  • What will happen to our CBA after 2016?
  • Has the union already started the re-negotiation process?
  • What is our union’s perspective on CTE?
  • What should we do if our girlfriends accuse us with domestic issues?
  • Can you tell us about any scams that are impacting players across the league?

Final thoughts on MLB Union meetings

Yes, the rules support a union meeting.  In fact, the meetings are encouraged.  Nobody is in trouble and a player’s actions did not initiate the meeting.

If you have more questions about a past or upcoming union meeting, please contact me for help.