MLB and MiLB Player Lists: A Long List of Lists

Player ListsPlayer lists are important.  MLB and MiLB players get transferred, assigned and moved onto many different lists on any given day.  Even more confusing for Players, a Player can be on more than one list.

Nonetheless and in no particular order, here is a short list of Player Lists you might find your name on:

  • Active ListsMLB Active List (40 players)
    • Class AAA Active List (25-26 players)
    • Class AA Active List (25 players)
    • Class A Active List (25 players)
    • Class A Short-Season List (35 players)
    • Rookie Active List (35 players)
  • Reserve ListsMLB Reserve List (40 players)
    • Class AAA Reserve List (38 players)
    • Class AA Reserve List (37 players)
    • Class A Reserve List (35 players)
    • Class A Short-Season List (35 players)
    • Rookie Reserve List (35 players)
  • Voluntarily Retired List
  • Restricted List
  • Disqualified List
  • Ineligible List
  • Military List
  • Suspended List
  • Major League Disabled List7 Day Disabled List
    • 10 Day Disabled List
    • 60 Day Disabled List
  • Minor League Disabled and Temporarily Inactive ListRegular Disabled List
    • Emergency Disabled List
    • Temporarily Inactive List
  • Players Signed After Rule 4 Draft
  • Players Signed for Future Services
  • Taxi Squads
  • Designated Players
  • Re-Signing of Coach or Manager as a Player List
  • MLB Bereavement and Family Medical Emergency List
  • Major League Paternity Leave List

Player Lists Management

Of course, the most important list is being on the Club’s active list.  This aside,  managing which list you are on at any given time is a nightmare.

First,  the list changes, especially when there is a double-header.

Second, the list can change more than once on any given day.

Player Lists During the Offseason

The regular or Championship Season is one thing.  The offseason is a different animal all together.

One of the most important dates to remember is November 20.  By this date, Clubs are required to nail down their active and reserve lists.

Active and reserve lists are important because they impact the Rule 5 draft.

One of the next periods of time most critical to Players is the active list for the regular season.

Thus, watching, knowing, and following your Club’s transaction list has become increasingly more and more important.