How to Prepare for the MLB Draft?

Prepare for the MLB DraftIt is time to answer the mail bag:  how do you prepare for the MLB draft?  Believe it or not, you have been preparing for the baseball draft your entire life…which started with your first reenactment of the 7th game of the World Series.  But seriously, how do you prepare for the MLB draft?

Baseball Draft Prep Theories:

Obviously preparing for the MLB draft requires a display of your physical skills.  Whether that means you need to throw 91 mph, run like a deer, or rifle a frozen rope from center field to home plate, physical skills are obviously very important.

It is the opinion of Royal Sports Group, LLC that the best theory on preparing for the MLB draft requires you seeking a baseball scholarship to play collegiality or walking onto a team that is weak in your primary position. Of course, some will say the businesses referenced above help achieve this goal too.  Again though, the best way to prove your physical skills is performing at a level requiring others to take notice.

The Decision to be Drafted is Yours

This baseball agent takes a different philosophy.  The number one way to prepare for the MLB draft is to make a mental decision that you were born to play professional baseball and your time to excel is right now – regardless who sees it or doesn’t see it.  A classic inspirational video that will take just 7 minutes of your time can be seen in the video titled “How Great I Am.”

Of course, you likely think making the choice to be drafted is way to simple and won’t work, which this sports agency completely disagrees with.  First, lets identify potential actors who can help in this process:  your faith, your parents, your high school coach, your college coach, and a Major League baseball team.

Yes, any one of the above mentioned actors can have an influence on your ranking with the MLB draft – but it isn’t the whole story.  Need proof?  Do yourself a favor and start following the career of Cody Allen.  As you will see, relief pitcher Cody Allen played high school baseball in a far away place, played college baseball for two schools (school one and school two) you will never see on ESPN, yet he was drafted at 23 years of age….in the 23rd round of the draft.  I love Cody’s story because it took him approximately one year to make it to the Majors (before anybody else from the 2011 draft) and he found himself pitching in the playoffs in 2013.

The point:  whether you are drafted at the age of 18, 23, or go undrafted, prepare for the MLB draft as if you already know in your heart that you are going to be drafted.  Then, stay focused on that moment when you can finally put pen to paper and call yourself a professional baseball player.

Draft Swagger

I know, you still are not buying this – and I don’t blame you.  As a result, lets review a different example.

Say you wanted to be an air traffic controller, a police officer, a Marine, a lawyer, etc., what would you do?  Likely, you would already know in your heart whether or not you were going to be successful at a specific career.  Next, you would devote yourself to that profession until you finally made it a reality.

Well, playing professional baseball takes this same dedication.  If you are preparing for the MLB draft, dedicate yourself by eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, working out accordingly, and focusing on the team you are currently playing for.  Did Cody Allen prepare for the MLB draft less and less because he played college baseball for a team that will likely never make it to Omaha?  Of course not, but he still made it a realty.  Baseball is full of these kinds of stories – and you are no different.

Final Point…

Whether you are a baseball player looking to get drafted or a player seeking the first overall pick in the MLB draft, the preparation starts with you and whether or not you want to be a professional player.  Thus, go out there and show how great you and the rest will fall into place.