Reject a Signing Bonus with Reason or Fear

reject a signing bonusBaseball players who reject a signing bonus after the MLB draft can likely expect three potential results:

  • Rejection with hopes of acquiring a new offer,
  • Aspirations of being drafted at a higher selection, or
  • Returning to school and never getting drafted again.

Deadline to reject a signing bonus

A player can reject a signing bonus in a number of ways.  Whether a player takes specific actions to reject an offer or not, the deadline to sign a contract terminates at 5 pm Eastern time on July 15, 2016.

In other words, MLB has a rule that states certain players unsigned by July 15, 2016 might be unable  to accept an offer from a team.  For clarification and additional guidance, consider reviewing MLB Rule 4(d)(4)(e).

Of course, you would never reject a signing bonus

Believe it or not, a player drafted in the first round of the 2015 draft decided being the 35th selected player was unacceptable.

Absolutely, I am in favor of every player earning their college education.  Believe me, I get it – I myself have over 7 years of formal education.  Like the baseball player referenced above, college degrees in my family are hardly prevalent.

Unfortunately, the Player’s decision likely backfired.  every player can negotiate college into their first professional contract.

Yes, I believe every player has the ability to obtain their degree while playing professional baseball too.

Choice to reject a signing bonus doesn’t impact draft status

Getting paid is important.  Reaching and staying at the Major League level is even more important.  Players who reach the Show, will likely earn more in wages than a signing bonus.

For this reason, the faster a a player gets into a professional program, the faster the player can improve and tailor their craft.  If you are looking for examples, consider these players:  Tyler White and Cody Allen.

Again though, assigning success is hard and I encourage players to take time to absorb the process and review this issue for themselves.

Need help thinking through the rejection of a signing bonus?

Please contact me directly for help.  Working through the rejection or negotiation process can be overwhelming.

Thus, use these three potential results as an introduction to a signing bonus:

  • Rejection with hopes of acquiring a new offer,
  • Aspirations of being drafted higher, or
  • Never getting drafted after going back to school.