5 Things Every MLB Player Should do in the off season

Things Every MLB Player Should do in the off seasonThe following are the top 5 things every MLB Player should do in the off season, and for that matter.

If the season wore you down, consider the following as a short guide to help yourself get back on track such that you can perform to your fullest potential.

1.  Call Your Family

Yes, the number one thing every MLB should do in the off season is call your family.  Whether this includes a sibling, your parent, or somebody related to you….call your family.

By now, I hope everybody in your family recognizes being a professional baseball player requires a 24-7 commitment.  If they don’t, then use your phone to remind them that the life of a professional baseball player requires a commitment to excellence, which is why you likely were unreachable for the majority of the season.

Don’t text them.  Don’t like their social media post.  Also, don’t leave them a voice mail or send them a postcard from some exotic location.  Instead, call and don’t stop trying until you finally reach them live and in person.  And to get things rolling, try this free phone service provided by Google Voice.

2.  Make and Eat a Home Cooked Meal

Is there anything better than that one home cooked meal that you recall from your youth?  The second thing every MLB player should do in the off season is eat a home cooked meal.  Perhaps by calling your family under step one…somebody will offer to cook you a home cooked meal.

On the other hand, if this isn’t the case, don’t despair and use a recipe like that found here.  Even if you have been in the big leagues and wear nothing but suits to and from the ballpark – you still need a home cooked meal to remind yourself of that starting point from your youth.

3.  Go to Bed Before 9pm…OK, Maybe 10pm

The third thing every MLB player should do in the off season is go to bed before 10pm.  Traveling coast to coast and through multiple time zones can mess with your mind and bod.  Because nobody sleeps on airplanes, convince yourself you too can live a quasi normal lifestyle by seeking a great night sleep.

For MLB players who have young infants, consider earplugs as a temporary solution to a quality night of sleep.

4.  Watch a Movie From Start to Finish, Without Being Interrupted by a Flight Attendant or a Teammate that Snores

The fourth thing every MLB player should do in the off season  is watch a movie from start to finish and without interruptions.  Yes, I know your flights city to city include movies and you have seen your share of movies from the hotel.  But, when was the last time you watched a movie from the comforts of your home on the big screen you never have time to watch and relax from the sectional you purchased because it looked comfortable?

5.  Take a Hiatus to a Destination Where Nobody Cares About Baseball

And finally, the fifth thing every player needs to do in the off season is separate themselves from the game such that you can come back to it refreshed and with a clean slate.  Mind you, this is the opposite of what was preached in the hit tv series Cheers.  Lets face it – if you wanted to be seen…it wouldn’t take much.  Thus, avoid annoying beat reporters, crazy fans, and visit someplace nobody cares about baseball such that you can sit back, relax, and take in the silence.

Perhaps your destination is a fishing trip or a night in the middle of nowhere.  Where ever it is, take a hiatus to a place you can use as a reward for completing the season and a way to separate yourself such that you can return refreshed and ready to begin your road to the World Series.