Undrafted Baseball Players Need Agents Too

Undrafted Baseball Player

Generally, an undrafted baseball player will fall into one of two categories:  domestic players and international players.  These two categories are important because they determine your rights and path specific to your quest for a baseball contract.

Also, both categories have select advantages and disadvantages when it comes to negotiations and your path to a professional career in baseball.  Most significantly, an undrafted player is in a unique situation because you have different opportunities than players selected or drafted under Rule 4.

Additionally, an undrafted player has something to prove.  For these reasons, Royal Sports Group wants to represent you, the undrafted baseball player.

What makes an Undrafted Baseball Player unique?

Like that previously mentioned, an undrafted baseball player has something to prove!  This aside, it is the opinion of this sports agency that an undrafted baseball player has advantages when seeking a professional career in baseball.

For one, you are not restricted to rules imposed by the CBA controlling players belonging to the MLBPA.  Second, undrafted baseball players can seek a designated franchise versus comply and negotiate with one select franchise.  Third, an undrafted baseball player can seek higher compensation than those restricted to exclusive signing bonus equations like those mandated under the CBA.

Thus, an undrafted baseball player is unique.

Does Royal Sports Group represent Undrafted Baseball Players?

Yes, Royal Sports Group represents undrafted baseball players.  Whether you reside in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or in another international location like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, or somewhere in-between, consider contacting Royal Sport Group for help and or advisement.

Where can an Undrafted Baseball Player play baseball?

Generally, an undrafted baseball player must seek a professional contract from a team.  Ideally, the team sought has an affiliation to a Major League franchise.  However, this isn’t necessarily always the case.   For this reason, an undrafted player may consider an international league or an independent league such that you can showcase your talents.

What should an Undrafted Baseball Player do first?

The first thing an undrafted baseball player should do is determine whether or not they want to pursue a professional baseball career.  This is especially important for players eligible to play collegiate baseball.

If you are in position to forego your eligibility to play college baseball and focus exclusively on your professional career, the second thing you should do is consider contacting a baseball agent.  Thus, if you are an undrafted baseball player and this is your situation,  please consider Royal Sports Group.