Updating Opposing Baseball Teams or Leagues

Updating opposing baseball teamsUpdating opposing baseball teams is easy – you call them and share your season progress.  After all, your current club has not acknowledged your skills.

In years past, this might have been an acceptable practice.

In today’s era of professional baseball, team loyalty can take you further than you might expect.

Rule on updating opposing baseball teams:

Minus contract clauses and anti-trust issues, a general rule for minor league players is neither the player or their representative  should ever engage or update opposing baseball teams on seasonal improvements, attributes or internal conflicts.

The exception to this general rule is acquiring consent from your club and franchise.

Instead of updating opposing baseball teams, do this:

Rather than rock the boat or facilitate problems, consider updating your franchise instead.  For example, if a player is performing in the minor leagues, the player’s representative might consider sending weekly or monthly updates on the player’s performance.

What a Picther’s update might look like:

RHP John Smith – Month of January

1/4 – 4 IP, 18 batters faced, 8 ground-outs, 1 GIDP, 4 SO(2K), 4 h (0 extra base hits), 2 ER, 1 R, 1BB.
1/8 – 2 IP, held 1 stranded runner on 3B, 7 batters faced (3 left-handed), 2 ground-outs, 1 SO, 2 h (0 extra base hits), 0 ER, 0 BB.

Total: 6 IP, held 1 stranded runner, faced more than 25 batters (L Ave: .300, R Ave: .200), 7.5 SO9.  

John Smith lifts weights on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  John Smith threw a 40 pitch bullpen session on 1/2, 1/9, and 1/15.  John Smith continues to run 5 miles three times per week along with wind sprints every Wednesday and Sunday.  John Smith continues to improve and master his slider and sinker.  Fastball peaked at 94 MPH, slider peaked at 85 MPH, and sinker peaked at 88 MPH.Baseball Statistics

What an outfielder’s update might look like:

RF/LF John Smith – Month of January

1/4 – 3 AB, 1 H (1 LD -8, 1LD-9), 0 Errors, 2PO.
1/8 – 4 AB, 2 H (1 LD-7, 1 LD-4), 0 Errors, 3 PO, 1A, 1 SB, 1 FC.

Total: 7 AB, 4 H (L Ave: .500, R Ave: .333), 1 SB, 5 PO, 0 Errors.    

John Smith lifts weights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  John Smith is benching 205 lbs x 3.  John Smith has seen his strength improve by 15% since December.  John Smith runs 2 miles one day per week and runs wind sprints every day.  On Wednesdays and Fridays, John Smith uses weighted balls to improve his arm strength.  John Smith’s last 40 time was clocked at 5.6 sec.

Will updating your club look bad?

Quite literally, a player’s job is to perform, improve and master their skills.  A representative can share your improvements by updating your Club versus updating opposing baseball teams.

Although not every player takes the same approach, sharing updates with the big club looks bad when asking for promotion or sharing false analytics.

As you might suspect, sharing updates with a competing franchise looks horrible and should rarely be practiced.

Independent Players

Baseball players working through an independent Club should update teams affiliated with MLB on a regular basis and fears of recourse should be limited.

For one, your independent team can make money on your contract if your rights are sold to an affiliated organization.  Second, the whole idea of playing independent baseball is seeking promotion.

On the other hand, an independent player should approach the process of updating opposing baseball teams with caution when engaging other independent leagues.

Thus, every independent player should consider engaging this process as quickly as possible.

Do you need help updating your club?

If you need help organizing or tracking your improvements, please contact me for help.